Sunday, August 4, 2013


I had a dream a few days ago and it involved you. We were holding hands. You know, the kind that lovers do. As soon as I woke up, I reminded myself that it was only a dream. And I was okay.

So then I saw you on Facebook the following day after the longest time, and decided to add you up. Because, I knew I wouldn’t feel the same way I did for you anymore. And true as it may, after you added me up, it never did felt the same.

And then today, a few days after the dream, days after us reconnecting online, I saw you at the Church. And I was like “Dear Lord.. agad agad???" Haha. The heavens must have been conspiring for this day to happen.

From afar, I knew it was you. You were looking at me, and I just knew it had to be you. Inevitable flashbacks happened. That night. That kiss. I wouldn’t really forget. But it was just that. Nothing more. And so I prayed and lifted up all the worries I had to Him. I stood my ground today and mustered enough courage to smile at you and say “Hi". And you smiled back. And we both went our separate ways.

I have been writing a lot from way back, all involving you. But I never really got to finish all of them. Now I think I know why, maybe because that time, I wasn’t really sure how to write how to end them. Now its all so clear. It feels so clear. Finally.

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